Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rx for Moodiness

The crummy weather was really starting to get to me last weekend. I attempted another trip up to the ski hill on Sunday, hoping that we'd find a little sun above the clouds at the higher elevation. Both Isla and Roscoe took it upon themselves to be miserable the whole drive out, and if I hadn't offered to drive a friend to the hill, I certainly would have turned back and put my kids right to bed. We didn't find any sun but ended up having an alright time. Isla tolerated a few sled rides around the base of the lodge before I called it a day and packed them up to head home again.  

Monday it rained and we spent the day waiting for the milkman, which only further furrowed my brow. 

Tuesday we woke up to frigid temperatures but blue skies and a blanket of new white snow. By the afternoon it had warmed enough that I ambitiously packed the kids up and headed out to Green Canyon for a second attempt to X-country ski. A friend here in Logan has lent me the ski attachment for my double stroller, which enables me to turn the stroller into a sled which I then harness to my body and can pull it behind me, in theory anyways. My first attempt was over a week ago, I took the kids, stroller, attachment and ski gear out to the trail and spent 20 minutes assembling the rig in the parking lot while my kids grew more and more impatient, only to find that I was missing a part. 

This second attempt turned out to be far more successful after a quick stop at the hardware store for a couple of bolts to secure the harness. I hit the trail at around 1:30 p.m., questioning how far I'd really get pulling two tired and irritable children in brisk weather conditions. I made sure they were both well bundled, had ample snack supplies and was determined to not let this second attempt be a failure. To my utter amazement, within 10 minutes of readjusting straps and getting used to pulling their weight, I hit a stride and looked back to find them both asleep! I skied for nearly an hour in blissful sunny conditions before Roscoe woke up. I was practically euphoric by the time I got back to the car and kissed their sweet foreheads thanking them for being such wonderful kids. It was all I needed to get me out of my funk. 




www.anns blog said...

You sound as if you had a wonderful time. It gives a whole new meaning to 'blowing the cobwebs away'


gladventurer said...


If at first you don't succeed trytrytry again

The Unknown Potter said...

we did that with the kids too, years ago-the skis on the stroller bit. It's great.ever hear of "sparks"-scandinaviaqn ski strollers/walkers