Monday, January 12, 2009

Tickle me pink sock

The kids are feeling way better. Isla is halfway done her course of antibiotics and Roscoe still has a lingering cough but is back to his smiley self. Whew! 

I knew they had to be feeling better when I found them rolling around the front room in fits of hysterical giggles amongst a pile of 'previously folded laundry'. They had invented a new tickling game that involved one of Isla's pink socks. Too funny. 

With better health and a boost in energy we've been out and about more the last couple of days, reconnecting with some friends in the neighborhood. 

On the weekend we checked out a new sledding spot with our French Canadian neighbors, Caroline and her daughter Arianne. And today we had a great afternoon over at Isla's buddy Jackson's house. Roscoe was even good enough to go down for a nap in their pack and play, which meant I could enjoy another cup of coffee with Wyatt while Isla and Jackson made lego-mobiles. 



Schmoo and Beans Mom said...

Nice to see some smiling faces!

www.anns blog said...

Glad the children are on the mend. It is so wearing both mentally and physically and then they bounce back as if nothing ever happened.

gladventurer said...

Just like two little kittens " who found their mittens" and they began to play. Enjoy the good days, they sure make up for the not so good ones