Sunday, January 18, 2009


This is Beaver Mountain, our local ski resort, aka the BEAV! 

Today I packed up the kids and made the 30 minute commute through the canyon to the ski hill and joined some other families for an afternoon of spring-like conditions. 

We didn't even make it to the rope tow, instead Isla happily toured around the lodge and base managing ski boots for the first time, (takes a little getting used to.) 

It was a gloriously beautiful day, with above freezing temperatures. My expectations of actually hitting the slopes were set low and therefore I wasn't disappointed, in fact I didn't even bring my gear along. 

It just felt great to be hanging out at a hill again, amongst lots of little ones sporting oversized helmets, running around the lodge with wet socks and begging for cafeteria fries. Isla will fit right in.    


The Unknown Potter said...

synchronicity-I baked some fold over "bolso" (for the first time since about 12 years ago)this weekend...from my old "zenny" tassayara cookbook.
and that felt good
your bread smells great from the photo
Have you ever tried Basket Weaving by the way???!

gladventurer said...

Brings back fond memories of Fortress in the early '80's.

Go Isla go!