Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Retirement George W!

Yesterday was a monumental day in this country's relatively short history. Barack Obama was inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States in front of 2 million spectators that converged upon Washington's Lincoln Memorial to witness history in the making. 

Besides the hordes of people that travelled from around the globe to stand in security lineups for hours in order to be present for the actual event, there were likely many more millions that sat by television sets and radios to hear what the new President had to say. 

I heard through various people throughout the day, how accommodations had been made in the schools here and at the University in order for students and staff to be able to watch the event happen live on television. It has been amazing to hear from and see directly how many people are deeply affected by this change in power. 

I was able to listen to the speech live on the National Public Radio station, purposefully packing the kids up in the car for a drive at that time so that I could listen to the full 20 minute speech without being pulled away by little people's demands. 

I found Obama's message sobering, yet hopeful. I too was moved by the relevance of the occasion and importance of his words. It is indeed an incredibly interesting time to be living in this country. I am hopeful that he will indeed deliver the change he has promised. In many ways he already has. 

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gladventurer said...

I too watched the whole parade of dignetaries, past presidents, families ect . It was a day for the American people to be proud and wasnot without a touch of humour , ex. when Obama corrected the swearing-in individual and the light hearted copulets that the 87yr. old Afro-American used in his benediction at the close of the ceremony. All in all it was a momentuous day. And yes truely a Happy retirement to George W who certainly has a great sense of humor and a very gracious host.
His interaction with the Obama family was indeed caring and sincere.