Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What's up Canada?

After a two day slog of driving with two weary children, some haneous winter conditions and a sleep deprived mother at the wheel, I certainly wasn't expecting to return to my homeland on the verge of political upheaval?

What's up Canada? Where's all the true patriot love? I can't say that I am a big Harper fan, but c'mon folks, a minority government has got to be better than a coalition government. I feel like I've just recovered from the political excitement of the election south of the border to return to another group of fueding federals. So much drama!

At least we made it back to the Kootenays without too much drama of our own. Other than a section of freezing rain just east of Missoula Montana, that convinced me to pull off the road and bunker down for the night - the road trip went pretty smoothly. We sailed through the border, no questions asked and made it into Nelson before sundown.

Despite the political showdown, it feels good to be back in our home and native land.


gladventurer said...

Welcome Home Eden , Isla and Roscoe.

kate said...

1500E is just not the same without you guys! Glad you had a safe drive up.