Friday, December 5, 2008

As though we never left

It's been a full two days since we arrived back in the Kootenays, and it really feels as though we never left. I've already picked up my mail, pet my dog, made sure to get some Oso Negro coffee coursing through my veins, and bumped into a half dozen people I know at the grocery store.

The kids are tickled pink to be hanging with their cousins again, especially Isla, but Roscoe is right in there taking it all in. I am so grateful and pleased to be staying with my sister. It is so wonderful to have a sister, truly! We've spent the last couple days tag teaming with the kids so that each of us could get out of the house kid free (a luxury I haven't had for some time).

Today for example, with my children safe in their auntie's care, I was able to check out the Kootenay artisan fair and catch up with some friends there. (I have some good friends that are vendors at this fair each year selling fabulous handmade goods.) I also did a big grocery shop, sans enfants, which felt like a vacation in itself. And then to top off the evening, I headed out to an opening at the local art college to see the latest student wares for their holiday sale.

Our calendar is already filling up with lots of visits and seasonal events. Tomorrow Santa is rolling into town on a firetruck apparently and then it's a girl's night out on the town with the toe tapping Elliot Brood.

I only wish the daddy would hurry up and get here, we miss you and can't wait for you to arrive!

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gladventurer said...

Woo hoo so happy for all of you.