Monday, December 1, 2008

Even better than a pony

Dear Grandma Lady, 
Today my mommy took me to the big store and bought me the most wonderful present! She told me that it was from you for my birthday. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love it so much. Love Isla

I'd  like to assume that her face says it all, but here is a little background just in case....

The last three times that I've taken the kids with me shopping at 'Sam's Club' (big warehouse box store), each trip Isla seeks out the toy aisle and zeros in on the "Sweet As Me Deluxe" Playset" and we spend twenty minutes or so arguing why we cannot buy it. The first time she hesitantly accepted no for an answer, the second time she longingly sulked the rest of the shopping excursion, the third time she desperately clutched the box to her chest and wailed, "But I want it mommy". 

So this time she suckered me in. I couldn't stand NOT to get it for her anymore. I still had some money that my mom had given me for her birthday and decided with no regret that this child obviously needs to own the "Sweet As Me Deluxe Playset". If only I could have taken a photo of her face when I finally said yes. 

She spent the entire afternoon fussing with her new belongings, even when we headed down the street to Kate's house to decorate Christmas cookies, the stroller and baby were never far from her reach. Understandably she is a little peeved that we cannot take her wonderful 5 piece 'Sweet As Me Deluxe Playset" with us to Canada on our holiday, seeing that she just got it. But I've assured her that it will be like brand new all over again when we return in a month's time. 

We're hitting the road tomorrow morning - without the SAMDP!


Schmoo and Beans Mom said...

Wow - what a spread. Looks like a pretty happy little girl! Safe travels tomorrow. Can't wait to see you!!

gladventurer said...

Dear Isla Belle, I am very happy that you liked your birthday gift. Many happy,happy hours of enjoyment.