Saturday, November 29, 2008

Watching the weather network

Besides knitting, that is my latest hobby - tuning into the a few times a day. I'm keeping close watch on my route north through Idaho and Montana because I am getting ready to head back to the Kootenays for an extended stay over the holidays. The kids and I were planning to leave later in the week to drive back to Nelson, but it looks like there is a system moving in and our best bet to avoid crummy weather on the way back is to leave earlier than expected.  

I can hardly believe it's that time already. The first semester of Robin's MFA program nearly under our belts, that means we are 1/6th of the way done. Hallelujah! He has his final crit on Monday and some finishing up to do with his TA classes and then the official school business will be complete for '08. His plan is to stick around for another couple of weeks here in Logan and crank out some pots for a few gallery orders and an exhibition that he has coming up in January. We were able to get a cheap flight for him from Salt Lake to Spokane later in the month, and I'll drive down from Nelson then and pick him up and do any last minute Christmas shopping. 

With our departure date just around the corner, Robin has been around quite a bit these past few days (perhaps he's anticipating missing us, just a little bit). We've enjoyed a few walks together and more playground time this weekend. Tonight we even went for a dip in our neighbor's hot tub! The weather here is still uncannily pleasant, it's been difficult to get in the mood for Christmas while people are still mowing their lawns and jogging by in shorts. We do have some snow on the tops of the mountains, but is sure seems hesitant to make its way any further down into the valley bottom. 

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