Monday, December 8, 2008

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

We sure missed you this weekend. I've been really busy doing all sorts of fun things with Fraser and Sophie. On Saturday night we went down to Baker street and watched Santa come in on the firetruck! I even got to shake his hand when he stepped off the crane.

Finn and Dylan came for a play on Saturday night as well. They came over to drop off Rachael because she and mommy were going out dancing. Sue and Auntie Kie went dancing too and Uncle Mark took care of me and Roscoe.

I was a good girl and went right to bed, I guess Roscoe woke up and got to watch the third period of the hockey game with Uncle Mark upstairs on the couch - lucky guy!

I woke up pretty early on Sunday morning and mommy said that I could have as much milk as I wanted as long as I went back to sleep. I found out later that she had a headache - too much dancing I think.

We had a fun day on Sunday too! We set up the Christmas tree and put out lots of decorations. We're going out to our place in Winlaw today to see Macaudo and find our stockings. I'll make sure that we get yours too. We'll be at Poppa's house this week in the valley, visiting all our valley friends. I sure wish you'd hurry up and get here. love you dada


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gladventurer said...

Sonds like everyone is enjoying being back in Nelson.
Are you screaming " I want my dada!" Isla?