Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Daddy gets delayed

Poor Robin has been working like a dog since we made a run for the border over a week ago. While the kids and I have been having all sorts of playdates and catching up with our Kootenay friends and family, the daddy continues his long hours in the studio back in Utah.

His official classes are over now for the semester and his focus has switched towards a firing for an extracurricular cause - an exhibition that he has agreed to take part in back here in Canada in the new year. The commission is for a dinnerware set of eight place settings (1 plate, 1 bowl, 1 cup for each setting). While he has worked hard to align his work schedule and firings so that all would be finished in time to catch his plane next week, dinner set under arm, unfortunately the rest of the world wasn't on the same workplan.

He's had to push his wood firing back a few days to fire over the weekend instead of midweek as originally planned. Due to a poorly situated air vent that supplies the art department building with fresh air - the intake is right next to the kiln compound. So the smoke from the wood kilns on overcast days especially make it unbearable for the employees and students inside. This has been an ongoing problem, poor Robin is just at the brunt end of it this time.

So pushing back the firing means changing his flight which means delaying our family reunion. Sniff, sniff.

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The Unknown Potter said...

Years ago,D'arcy and Vicky were laughing about naming their new Vancouver studio "ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL"...and I always think of that when I hear of potters working hard- Drive safe,be safe you all.
It is snowing like crazy now in Vernon...and getting cold-a good time for making ice lanterns!-kind of the opposite of fired work..frozen