Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanks America!

Today is the American Thanksgiving Holiday. I now have experienced first hand how the celebration of this holiday is exactly the same as it is in Canada, down to the turkey trimmings and the great company to share the feast with. 

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year mostly because it has not been commercialized to death and as consumers there is only the expectation to buy food not gifts. I love the element of celebrating a meal with friends and family for the sake of giving thanks. Because really, we have so much to be thankful for. I am particularly thankful this year that I was able to feast on turkey twice, first back in Calgary a month ago for the Canadian commemoration of the day and then again tonight at our friends' Wyatt and Chris' place. 

It was a lovely night out. We shared a fabulous meal, a few bottles of wine and some great conversation with two other families. I was especially grateful that Robin didn't end of firing this weekend and was able to make it to the dinner party.   

While we adults shared stories around the table after supper, the babies played and the kids saved Christmas! Jackson, Finnegan and Isla spent a good part of the evening dressing up in all sorts of climbing gear, helmets and outerwear, on a mission to find Santa's missing reindeer. 

Once the reindeers had all been accounted for, and the babies seemed sufficiently played out, we called it a night. But not before I managed to make off with the bird carcass.  Tomorrow I plan to whip up some turkey soup to keep this turkey tryptophan effect going. No wonder my kids went to bed so easy tonight. 

Thanks Wyatt for the feast and friendship.  


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