Saturday, December 13, 2008

Just call me Maria

Check out my new do! I came out of the salon singing "the hills are alive" yesterday afternoon on a snowy day in Nelson. On an impulsive whim I begged my friend Erin to cut it all off, and she did, much to her delight.

And I'm not the only one sporting a new look for the holidays. Isla Belle had her turn in the chair this week too. Even Roscoe could use a little trim around the ears and neck, as his hairdo will soon cross into the dangerous mullet category.We gals wanted to make sure we look our best this weekend while we galavant from one holiday party to the next.
This afternoon we are headed out to a Christmas party at our friend Sandy's place here in town and tomorrow we've been invited to the annual Christmas open house at Jon and Laurie's. Ho Ho Ho, gotta love the holidays.


The Unknown Potter said...

"The hills are alive...
with the sound of chain saws...."
I often sing this up around the kiln,when I am indeed surrounded by the sound of all the neighbors (and my own.. ok ok) saws-
and now you have the hair to match!

kate said...

cute hair lady! We miss you! We walked past your house today and Finnegan started talking about his friend Isla. I feel bad because we have not had Robin over for dinner since you left. We totally meant to, but somehow didn't manage it. I am sure Robin told you, but we finally have snow here! It is beautiful! We leave for Wisconsin Monday. Enjoy your cute hair and your Christmas parties!

gladventurer said...

Love your cut Eden and those big beautiful eyes that so impressed your daddy when you were born!

Party, party on with your friends and big sister.