Thursday, October 16, 2008

Three Cheers For Obama

I tuned in on the US presidential debate last night and decided (along with hopefully many millions of Americans) that Obama was the winner! He'd get my vote, if I were able. 

It sure is interesting times. Politically, economically, environmentally.... I listened to the debate with much curiosity and pondered about how American politics differ from our own in Canada, especially having just had our own federal election this past week. I was saddened to hear that voter turnout for the Canadian election was a record low. Perhaps we Canadians are too engaged in what is happening south of the border. 

It seems that the polls taken after the US debate have judged Obama the victor, along with a string of surveys that show him ahead in national polls as well. I thought Obama spoke intelligently and honestly throughout the debate. I surfed around a little today to see what the media was picking up on after the big night and was a little unnerved to see that Joe the Plumber was getting the most attention. Not for what he symbolized in the actual debate, but rather whether his is actually a licensed plumber or not and whether he owes back taxes!!!!!

Let's hope that over the course of the next few weeks the issues don't get too lost along the campaign trail. I'll be tuning in to see what happens, that's for sure. 

All in favor of change, please raise your hands. 


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gladventurer said...

What a couple of cuties you have.
Looking more and more forward to seeing all of you.

Lets keep politics out of our visit.