Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Home Sweet Utah Home

We're home! Our journey to Calgary and back was hugely successful in my mind. People commented on my bravery to travel with two small kids on my own, but really it was all about the travel snacks. I have realized that snacks and 'car treats' will subdue the crankiest toddler, and well Roscoe - he's Roscoe, content as always. 

Our visit north of the border was a great one. To sum it up in one word - family. We were able to see and spend some fabulous quality time with all of our family (with the exception of Uncle Mick, Auntie Erin and Nolan who are in Switzerland). And of course the many visits with Kim and baby Daniel (also family to us) and her extended family, which was fabulous. 

There were also playdates at the Morgans, salmon supper at Sarah's, coffee with Sally, a trip to the park with Bob, and a new baby viewing over at the McBeath family household, welcome Emery! The time went more quickly than I expected.                                                                                                                                                                                  

Many thanks to Auntie Kie, Sophie and Fraser who made the trip to Calgary from Nelson so that we could visit with them. Our timing worked well that we saw both Grandma Lady Rosi and Uncle Chris too, our first weekend in Calgary. 

A special thanks to Nana Wanda and Ryleigh that hosted us at their home all week, and for all the fun times together. 

And another big thanks to Papa Regan who delivered our winter tires and came to see us for Thanksgiving weekend. It was wonderful to spend the holiday weekend with all the DuPonts. It was great to catch up with Dani and John and see that little Cian is not so little anymore. Isla was thrilled to follow her big cousins Ryleigh and Dalen around. And we were all excited to meet Jai's new girlfriend Kelsey. Robin's absence didn't go unnoticed and I was ready to pack up and head home the day after our turkey stuffing extravaganza. I happily stuffed both the bird and myself this year. 

The drive home went smoothly, the border crossing went without at hitch, the overnight in the hotel - not so much! Let's just say we got a very early start on the next day's leg of the trip. We arrived home early afternoon and were all elated to be back in daddy's arms. 

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