Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Candy Corn Blues

Snapshot: My children are both napping in their beds, my house is much cleaner than it was an hour ago, I am drinking tea and looking out my big picture window in the front room at the vibrant fall coloured mountainside, I just ate way too much caramel candied popcorn that my mom gave me and I am having this overwhelming urge to take up jogging! 

We are back to being a family of four, our first visitors now come and gone. We had a super visit with my mom and Sam while they were here. We were able to share a couple of great days in and around Logan. Some of the highlights included our trip out to Bear Lake and drive through the Logan canyon, a visit to Gossner's cheese factory and Isla's first taste of cheese curd, grooving in the kitchen while playing the harmonica, playing hairdresser and seamstress with Grandma Lady and a sendoff coffee date at the Crumb Brothers Bakery

The normalcy of our days set in just as soon as they left town this morning: Robin being at school all day and evening long, me being stuck in the house, held captive by two small sleeping children.  I suppose I am feeling a bit down, perhaps even a bit lonely. 

There will be ups and there will be downs, I just better stay away from the candied corn on the down days or I'll have a real enough reason to take up jogging. 


gladventurer said...

Thanks for a great three days in Logan.
Sam is definitely in love with two little people who have been rays of sunshine in his life as he heads to Mexico with grandma Lady.
Wewill be definitely stopping over on our return trip in the spring.
Thanks Eden and Robin for a wonderful introduction to Logan!

Schmoo and Beans Mom said...

Love the harmonica picture. Sorry to hear you're feeling down today. Miss you, love you.