Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Letter

While my children were napping this afternoon, I reluctantly forced myself to write the letter that I have been procrastinating about since we arrived. My resignation letter. 

My maternity leave from the college will be over next month and I am required to give notice one month prior to my expected day back on the job. Not that anyone is expecting me back on the job knowing full well that I have left the country, but the union still requires the resignation in writing so that files are kept up to date. 

It didn't take me long to write the letter as I have been thinking about it for awhile now, thoughts of what to say have been floating around in my head for weeks. The most difficult part was sealing the envelope and dropping it in the mailbox. A done deal. A sealed fate. No more financially secure job to keep in my back pocket. 

Instead here we are, taking our future into our own hands with the hope that an investment in further education will open doors down the road. Perhaps when we return to the Kootenays there might be something open up for me at the college once again, that is my hope now anyways. But the slight hesitation that I felt before I dropped the letter into the bin was really out of fear of financial insecurity rather than anything else. 

Financial woes. Don't we all have 'em? Some more than others these days, especially if you play the stock market. The economy continues to weaken here, another two days of plummeting stock prices, I'm beginning to wonder when it'll all bottom out. Lots of talk about trying to build confidence in the credit markets and what to do about the housing crisis, all this AND an election!  


gladventurer said...

God Bless you Eden, the worst part about fear , is fear of the unknown.
Be thankful for two wonderful children and your Robin who only wants the best for his little family. Hang in there you are the most low maintenance womanin the world. thank goodness for that.
Lots of love 'Gladventure

www.anns blog said...

Don't be afraid. You are truly blesed with your two children and your husband. I know you have taken a leap into the unknown but all pulling together through thick and thin works wonders. The road may not be easy but it will be worth it. Thankyou for you thoughts to me.