Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What's in a loaf?

I'd like to introduce you to the Crumb Brothers. Crumb Brothers Artisan Breads is a bakery/eatery way across town that we were first introduced to by our neighbors, when they came by with a welcome basket that included a freshly baked loaf of ciabatta bread from CB. (Isn't that sweet?)

Crumb Brothers is to Logan like Oso Negro is to Nelson. In other words, it is synonymous. It seems suiting that we would support a place like the Crumb Brothers bakery. First because we like their bread but also because their baked bread is like an art form in itself. Their motto is "committed to creating superb hand-crafted bread", and we're all about supporting the hand-crafted. 

It's the businesses out there, like Crumb Brothers and Oso Negro that help define a place. They contribute to community well-being by building character and hopefully making life a little more pleasurable for those that live nearby and can enjoy what they have to offer.  Crumb Brothers is making my life a little more pleasurable these days.

Isla, Roscoe and I headed over to CB this morning after storytime at the library to buy ourselves a Decker Five seed loaf. The bakery is housed in a newly constructed timberframe building with lots of windows and ironwork accents. Inside there are a dozen or so tables, a coffee station and front counter with a varied selection of freshly baked loaves all of which are free to sample with complementary butter and marmalade. Outside the grounds are xeriscaped with a stone patio and walking paths. 

It's satisfying biting into a piece of Crumb Brothers bread and knowing that the ingredient list that went into making this bread is short and simple; flour, water, yeast, salt.  Not some scary list of "  -glycerides and  -itrates". But not all people would agree. There is another bakery in town, just around the corner from CB....

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Love the photo of Belly! The pout is just too much! I wish I could reach through the picture and pinch those little cheeks!!!!