Monday, September 22, 2008

Glistening girl

This is Isla, as I found her 20 minutes into her 'quiet time' this afternoon. She was in fact, being very quiet and now I know why. 

Yesterday she woke up with a rotten cold. Her runny nose has been so persistent that she's rubbed the top 10 skin layers right off her upper lip. To ease her discomfort I'd been putting vaseline on her nose and lip to soften the rawness. Absentmindedly I forgot to take the jar of vaseline with me out of the bedroom when I put her down for her afternoon nap. You can see where this is headed.....

I even made the comment to myself that she must have been so tired and feeling miserable, the poor little thing, because it was quiet right away in her room, I honestly believed that she'd gone right off to sleep. After awhile I heard the door handle rattling and a little voice saying, "mommy I can't open the door, it's too slippery". ACK! - was my response.

Double ACK!  - was my next response when I actually opened up the door and saw her
glistening from head to toe, smears of vaseline all over her body, on the dresser drawers, up and down the railings of the crib, all over the walls, caked into her bedsheets and pillow, all along the headboard and footboard of her bed. Even Maggie (her cherished doll) was sufficiently lubed up from top to bottom. 

Of course the door handle was slippery, she was still clutching a 1/4 of the jar of petroleum jelly in between her greasy little fingers. No wonder she couldn't get a grip. 

So I took some photos, plunked her in the bathtub and spent the most of the afternoon de-greasing my daughter and her bedroom.  


Adam Field Pottery said...

sorry, I got a really good laugh from this post, I guess it just hit close to home, I just plopped down some cash for the two plumber visits to Juno's school, turns out, contrary to Juno's belief, toilets are not designed to take full bars of soap and full rolls of toilet paper, who knew?

gladventurer said...

Thank you for taking the time to photo the wonderful moment and then share it.
Remeber when Chris drew "cows" all over the bedroom wall and I photoed him looking sheepish with his hands behind his back . He had a wee T-shirt and under pants on. Hope Maggie survived! mom