Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Potter

Let's not forget about the reason why we are all here in the first place, pottery of course! Robin is in the full swing of things at school now. He has his clay made, his studio set up and the pots are flying off the wheel. 

Yesterday he and the other six graduate students met to discuss their goals for this semester and present their intentions for their work. Robin has decided to focus on making larger pieces, storage jars inspired by the old shigaraki jars from Japan, and possibly big platters. He's always been interested in the process of making larger work, but other than a short independent workstudy he did at the Banff Centre back in 2001, he hasn't felt that he could justify the time and resources to pursue it earnestly. 

That is the wonderful part about graduate school, he can investigate, experiment and follow whims to his hearts content and not have to worry about making a living. This is a time for learning and developing his creative practise without the pressure of wondering whether the work will sell at the end of the day.   

It's exciting to think where that creative freedom will take his work.  Stay tuned and we'll all find out!

A visit to daddy's studio.

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dannielle said...

Wow looks like Robin is diving right in :) Can't wait to see some finished projects!