Thursday, September 4, 2008

Front crawling kiddies

Roscoe is on the move. Thanks to the wall-to-wall carpet flooring in this house, Roscoe has quickly figured out how to crawl. For the last week or so he has been flipping himself around like a seal, flapping his arms in frustration and dragging his body weight around by his forearms. Once he figured out that his knees and legs could do alot of the work, he was off to the races. 

He's also mastered the pull and stand. Unfortunately for his mother that means a struggle at bedtime since he has chosen this as his practise time for pulling himself up from lying down to standing. Sadly he hasn't figured out how to get back down which results in either a free fall back to the mattress or a nasty howl that gets his mom running back and forth every few minutes to help him lay back down again. 

And our little Belle is on her way to learning the front crawl in the pool. We signed her up for swimming lessons today through the university recreation department. It's a parent and tot program that runs twice a week for 9 classes. The timing works well for Robin to come along and hang out with Roscoe. She undoubtedly loves the water and was happy to meet some other little kids too.

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Schmoo and Beans Mom said...

What an exciting day! Roscoe looks great. The learning to stand stage is frustrating, but he'll figure out the bum drop soon enough. Good to see you and Belly in the pool!