Thursday, August 21, 2008

Maple Syrup Conspiracy

Before we left Canada, I thought to myself, are there any products here at home that I couldn't live without, and of course maple syrup came immediately to mind. So I stocked up to be sure that we wouldn't go without that sweet syrupy goodness in our salad dressings and on our pancakes on Sunday mornings. 

Well much to my shock and horror did I discover that PURE, that's right, pure maple syrup, made in Canada might I also add, costs LESS here in Logan than it does back home. I am mortified! 

The kids and I have been touring around town checking out the various grocery outlets and comparing prices. And sure enough, the cost of maple syrup is lower at all three stores that I have been to, than what it would cost at home. Absurd really. So much for my theory that I'd make friends by having access to large quantities of pure maple syrup.

Groceries on the whole seem comparable in price, although most things seem to come supersized. We found out about a local market that happens on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings where you can buy great, cheap locally grown produce. So we'll be sure to check that out. 

We've stocked up on our dry goods and even baked some muffins yesterday. Life is beginning to feel a bit normal again, at least in the kitchen. I know that I'll really be back in the groove once I've made a few pies. Until then, shame on the maple syrup producers of Canada for underselling themselves! Too bad I don't have the will power to boycott and go without it. 

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markpackham said...

I'll tell you a story about BC cherries someday, wont make you feel so bad about the syrup.
The zuchinni salsa is great, I have your name on a couple jars.
Miss yer. Love yer.