Friday, August 22, 2008


You really have to admire the fervent love of college sports that the Americans display for their beloved teams. Or at least that was my first impression walking through campus today. I found myself looking and feeling like a huge pink elephant, a fish out of water, or as Sesame Street would have sung "one of these things just doesn't belong here".

The kids and I decided to take a stroll through campus to check out the bookstore and really just to get out of the house on a hot day. We found ourselves in a sea of blue t-shirted twenty somethings, all sporting the same apparel. I kid you not, everywhere we turned students were milling about, all wearing the same shirt. 

The shirt's slogan reads: 
'Utah State Aggies
Go Blue or Go Home 
08-09 Athletics'

An Aggie is a Farmer down here, according to our local source of information, Uncle Joe. All college team sports players are referred to as Aggies, and the term extends farther to include all students. So our dear husband and father is now officially a farmer, or a USU AGGIE as they say down here in Utah.  

Later did I find out there was some controversy over the tshirts, which has caused some buzz in the media. The back of the shirt reads "I'm proud of my A" which has been interpreted as "I'm proud of my derriere, or ASS if you don't speak a little french. Funny, I thought the A would have stood for Aggies? 

If you want to know the full story, you can check out this wild controversy at:

Go Farmers Go!

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