Sunday, August 17, 2008

Goodbye and Hello

Whew! Don't ask me how we did it, but we managed to pack all of our "A list" belongings into the trailer, clean the house (sort of),  AND throw a great going away soiree so that we could see our friends and loved ones one last time.  We couldn't have done it of course without the help of so many. Our departure date was bumped back a few days, which meant we even were able to find a few precious moments at the beach before we hit the road on Friday. 

Our trip south to our new home took us three days, the first leg of the journey being the most stressful. Only an hour away from home, we were turned back at the border because of some missed form and fee that we needed. We hightailed it back to the public library in Salmo to access the internet and make the payment. The stress really got turned on when their printer decided to not work and we weren't able to print off the receipt of payment - the receipt that we needed in order to actually enter the United States. In the end, all worked out, the printer kicked itself into gear (I believe I actually WILLED it to work), and we were off again. 

We said our final teary goodbyes in Sandpoint ID to my sister and her family who accompanied us down for an overnight. We pushed through to Dillon, MO the second night after realizing that our Jeep and trailer travelled best in the cooler parts of the day, driving mostly during the evening and early morning hours.

We arrived at our new home in the early afternoon on Sunday. The streets were quiet, with mostly everyone being at church, but our arrival didn't go unnoticed. We've already had two neighbors drop by bearing welcoming gifts and some lovely young people with some reading materials for us to peruse..... 

Hello Logan, I think we'll stay awhile. 


Schmoo&Bean's Mom said...

wow - they sure work fast with the reading material. good to see you up and running on your blog.

robin said...

i am glad you have a blog - while i am not normally one to read them, i think this will be very interesting.