Monday, August 11, 2008

To blog or not to blog

Here it is. A blog about the adventures of a little family from the interior of B.C. on a life changing adventure in Utah. In two short days our idyllic lives as we know them will change forever. We will say goodbye to our beautiful friends and family, our cozy strawbale home, our land and our country and head south in pursuit of higher education, friendly faces and more memory-making opportunities.

My decision to blog about our adventures at grad school has been inspired by the need to keep in touch with loved ones back home and a new appreciation for high speed internet (having coped with dial up for the last three years).

I welcome you to read this blog, take from it what you will, perhaps even learn from our experieneces should you ever decide to pack up your lives, toddler and infant in tow and take on a graduate degree in the US of A!

I will not promise you any great insights, but I will promise to post!
Now, I better get packing...

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