Sunday, February 18, 2018


I've been thinking about couples and pairings a lot this week. How do we know when two things are meant to be together? I'm often moving things around in the airstream gallery, pairing up pots, trying out various groupings of forms. It might be the surfaces that I deem attract or compliment the pairing, but sometimes it is purely form. Some mugs just call out, 'I need a mate.'

People like to buy pots in pairs too I have noticed. They often pick out something that they really love and then go back for a second look, often to find something for their spouse or partner. I love when this happens.  It's like watching a conversation unravel in their selection. "I like this, but he would prefer this matte surface." "My preference is this design, and we share a similar aesthetic but she definitely needs it to be bigger!" No two pieces are exactly alike when it comes to Robin's work. His atmospheric surfaces ensure that they are all one of a kind.

The beautiful thing that happens is when the selection process is over and they've made their final decision on which pieces to buy, the work always balances somehow. And I always appreciate the thoughtfulness that goes into selecting a piece of pottery as a gift for someone. I reckon you really know that person, when you get it just right!

And then of course there are the pots that stand out on their own. Confident and bold - their singleness makes them all the more awesome! 

Whether you are part of a perfect pair, or magnificently single - I hope your week was filled with sweetness and a little pottery!

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