Sunday, February 18, 2018


I've been thinking about couples and pairings a lot this week. How do we know when two things are meant to be together? I'm often moving things around in the airstream gallery, pairing up pots, trying out various groupings of forms. It might be the surfaces that I deem attract or compliment the pairing, but sometimes it is purely form. Some mugs just call out, 'I need a mate.'

People like to buy pots in pairs too I have noticed. They often pick out something that they really love and then go back for a second look, often to find something for their spouse or partner. I love when this happens.  It's like watching a conversation unravel in their selection. "I like this, but he would prefer this matte surface." "My preference is this design, and we share a similar aesthetic but she definitely needs it to be bigger!" No two pieces are exactly alike when it comes to Robin's work. His atmospheric surfaces ensure that they are all one of a kind.

The beautiful thing that happens is when the selection process is over and they've made their final decision on which pieces to buy, the work always balances somehow. And I always appreciate the thoughtfulness that goes into selecting a piece of pottery as a gift for someone. I reckon you really know that person, when you get it just right!

And then of course there are the pots that stand out on their own. Confident and bold - their singleness makes them all the more awesome! 

Whether you are part of a perfect pair, or magnificently single - I hope your week was filled with sweetness and a little pottery!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

A perfect marriage

It's no surprise that we only eat out of handmade pottery in our home.  Having a potter around is of course helpful for this to even be possible, and comes in extra handy when breakage occurs. 😩

Our collection of pottery is an eclectic one, a mix made up of Robin's work -  some seconds that aren't necessarily gallery-worthy, but others that are some of the best from previous firings too. We have made many trades with friends and peers from communal firings or ceramic-related trips, and are growing our collection of pots from mentors and colleagues that we have purchased over the years, because really, you just can't have enough pottery, right!?!

This is not unique to our home. I've made the observation that most, if not all potters have a similar set up in their kitchen cupboards. And fun fact - most potters remove the cupboard doors of their kitchen cabinets. Seriously! And for obvious reasons - that all those amazing pots should be seen from across the room, and not be tucked behind closed doors in the dark. Right!?!

Another fun fact about potters.....most are excellent cooks! Seems common sense when you put it down on paper. If you are going to spend endless hours creating the vessels in which we eat, dine, feast with, thinking about how they will be used, treated, handled or displayed, then you should probably have at least some understanding of the culinary arts too.

An amazing project was launched last year in partnership with National Clay Week, which I personally think represents a marriage of two things that perfectly align - pottery and cooking. A cookbook called The Crafted Dish is the result of a call for entry that went out to all Canadian ceramic artists, to submit a favourite recipe, and photo of the submission in the artist's handmade pottery of course.

Robin and I did a bit of collaborating ourselves and together submitted an entry that is now proudly published on page 48 of The Crafted Dish cookbook. We make a pretty good team in the kitchen, although admittedly, I do seem to break more pottery than he does around here?!?

Spearheaded by our friend Carole Epp, Carole coordinated and has championed the marketing efforts to get these cookbooks into the homes and kitchens of clay and food enthusiasts across Canada and the US.  Carole worked together with Reid Flock and sisters Yolande and Julia Krueger to select 61 artists for the book. The best part is that the publication itself is a means to give back. All the artwork, recipes, essays, jurying, graphic design, marketing and support that went into creating the book was donated. AND, all the proceeds from the sale of the book are being donated! The charity that was selected to be the recipient of the profits is an organization called The STOP , a community food centre in Toronto and one that prides itself in bringing people together around food.

Which really, isn't that what potters ultimately do too?

Monday, January 15, 2018

In the rearview - FORM

Last year at this time we were putting the finishing touches on the new shed and permanent home for FORM - our refurbished airstream gallery. Keeping pace with the continuous demand for covered storage, we were stoked to have @norse_furniture design build this timber home for our silver gem.

Not realizing at that time, but 2017 would become thematically about the trailer. It hardly had time to get settled in before we took it on the road for the first time in March.

When we first renovated the vintage 1959 Flying Cloud, the intention was for it to serve as a showroom and gallery space for Robin's work. But throughout the renos, we realized the potential in using the trailer to promote and build awareness of contemporary ceramics on a grander scale  - by taking advantage of the mobile aspect and distinctive form! Everybody loves an airstream.

Its first excursion away from the valley last year was to the coast, to become a feature of the Canadian Clay Symposium in Burnaby at the Shadbolt Centre. Robin curated a group show for this event, and the response was fantastic!

Spring and summer months were spent planning and landscaping around the shed back home. A fortuitous trade ensued with our potter pal Cam who is building his own kiln just down the road....stone steps for fire brick!

And voila! Steps up to the site.

Equally exciting has been the landscaping and gardening around the space. With much guidance and generosity from a wonderful local gardener and friend, xo, the first perennials were carefully selected for what would optimally grow amongst the cedar trees. I can hardly wait to see what the ground reveals this spring when all the snow melts away.

The steps were complete and the trailer was stocked up for our annual culture tour studio show and sale that we participate in each August. Thank goodness for the little soda kiln that could....because it churned out plenty of pots while the wood kiln sat loaded and quiet all through the late spring and summer months due to the fire bans, but that's another post for another time.

In late September, we rolled out onto the highway again, trailer in tow. This time headed east for Regina, Saskatchewan. The two day journey across the prairies to participate in the annual 1000 Miles Apart student conference, hosted by the UofR. Another terrific curated show of excellent pots by excellent people.

FORM is now nestled into her mountainside home for the winter. The snow continues to pile up around us, but with a few firings under our belt this fall she's stocked up again and always ready for visitors, anytime!

Just be sure to give us a call in advance, in case we are out skiing;)
Happy 2018!

Monday, December 25, 2017

December Dialogue

On the 25th day of December, my true love said to me...

PW (Potter's Wife): Christmas is a wrap!

P (Potter): Not really, Christmas is all about the people and visits, good food and social times. Feels like that part is just beginning.

PW: It was a bit hectic leading up. We've got a couple weeks now to chill.

P: And to reflect on this last year. What's ahead and what might be different for us this year.

PW: I've enjoyed this writing exercise with you.

P: We should keep to up.

PW: But we are out of whiskey.

P: Oh, that's what I should have gotten you for Christmas!

Whiskey cup $40
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Empty bottle of whiskey included. 

Saturday, December 23, 2017

December Dialogue

On the 23rd day of December, my true love said to me....

PW (Potter's Wife): We missed a few days.

P (Potter): Yeah well we've been pretty busy.

PW: Not to mention the power outage from the crazy snowstorm.

P: Exactly! We went skiing.

PW: And had a birthday party!

P: And loaded a kiln!

PW: Good thing we posted four tumblers on the 20th. It's like we were planning to be so busy.

P: Who plans to be so busy?

PW: December is just like that.

P: It's time to relax for a few days I think. Isn't it Christmas soon.

PW: In two days.

P: Great! Let's have some of the special whiskey to celebrate.

Whiskey cup $40To purchase, email
For the extra special whiskey in your cupboard. Recommended 18 yr old Lagavulin. 

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

December Dialogue

On the 20th day of December, my true love said to me....

P (Potter): How much snow do you think we got? 

PW (Potter's Wife): In the last 24 hours? 

P: 30 cm would be my guess.

PW: It was a lot.

P: Enough to justify the tumbler rule.

PW: Which rule is that?

P: When it snows more than the height of an average tumbler, it warrants a mandatory trip to the ski hill.

PW: And then come home to a beer?

P: Sounds like the perfect balance to me. Work hard, play hard.

Tumblers $40 each
To purchase, email
Tall and frosty.  

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

December Dialogue

On the 19th day of December, my true love said to me.....