Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Snow, snow, go away

Robin rides his bike to and from the studio several times a day, and has done so all winter long. Even on the coldest mornings in January this year, he would bundle up and we'd watch from the window as he'd clear off any fallen snow and swing his leg over his cruiser and take off down the street. 

I shouldn't be surprised that my son is anxious and eager to get back on his bike. In fact, I'm surprised I have been able to keep him from hauling it out of the shed up until this point in the year. And with April just a few days away, I'd hoped we'd be riding muddy trails by now, but unfortunately winter continues to prevail.  Although in the last few weeks, the intensity of the sun has dared us out a couple times. 

C'mon spring.....we're ready for you. 

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Julie MacMillan said...

Ooooo hope your getting some warmer weather by now. I've been meaning to pick up this phone of mine and give you a jingle.....its in the works.... Have a beautiful day!