Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Art of Scarfing

Well we survived our first Winnipeg deep freeze.

Temperatures were in the -20s and -30s all week, with windchills that made it feel more like -40C! And we soon realized that a little cold snap doesn't slow anyone down around these parts, the cold is just a way of life here.

The schools remain open, university classes don't miss a beat, transit runs and the sun shines!

Besides a little cold weather drama at the kid's school with the ridiculous temperatures setting the fire alarms off, and a frayed extension cord on the car making it a little difficult to get that block heater warmed up - we endured like the rest of Winnipeg.

A few little survival tips we learned throughout the week:

1. Plug in
Adding the little ritual of plugging in the car before we went off to bed meant the difference between going anywhere the next day or not. (Once we replaced the frayed cord of course!)

2. Stock up
Unnecessary trips in the car are just a bad idea. One big grocery shop at the beginning of the week and no hesitating looking a little harder in the cupboard for something to make for dinner.

3. The Art of the Scarf
I now have a new appreciation and talent for wrapping a scarf around my own and my children's faces to ward off a biting wind. I may never need to use this talent back in BC, but we sure are getting lots of practice here.

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