Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Break

Old Man Winter took pity on us this weekend, and gave us a break in the cold spell we've been having. The sun was out, with temperatures still below zero, but nearly 20 degrees warmer than it had been all week. And like so many others feeling cooped up, we grabbed our skates and headed down to the Forks where there were massive crowds and plenty to see and do. 

But we were most excited about checking out what the daddy has been up to, as he's been taking somewhat of a break from his long studio hours on the weekends to help out on a snow sculpting project.
For the last three weekends, Chris and Robin have been planning and prepping for a series of large scale snow sculptures down at the Forks. The first weekend they built the forms and packed them full of snow. Then last weekend they thought better than to start sculpting in the bitter cold and spent some time in the shop building custom carving tools instead. 

And then as if they'd planned for it, this weekend made for the perfect timing to tear down the forms and start sculpting. It was fantastic to see them come to life and plenty of people interested in watching the guys in action. Winnipeg is known for its outdoor culture and flourishing arts scene, so it only seemed obvious that a snow sculpting experience would be one you wouldn't want to miss out on during our year here. 

 "A bunch of bonhomie"

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Trish said...

Great sculpture...yes,thankfully it has warmed up here in Alberta too...
..enjoying your blog!
Cheers. Trish from Alberta