Saturday, October 1, 2011

Urban Mom

OK, so its taken me a little longer than I expected to get settled into the urban life. I thought I'd have it in the bag, moving back to my home town. With many a year I spent driving the city streets here, having a long list of people and eateries to reacquaint myself with, I figured it would soon feel as though I never left. But I've realized that since my departure (pre-children) in 2004, a lot has changed.

1. Smart phones.  I'm not afraid to admit that I am a cell phone Neanderthal. Living in the Kootenays where cell phone coverage is spotty and in many places even non-existant - I could never justify the added monthly expense. Even in Utah, we were able to go the 2.5 years without a cell phone, despite being the mockery of our friends. But we managed without just fine. But when we made the move to Calgary this fall, we knew it was inevitable - I'd actually be forced to learn to send a text. For my work purposes, and if I ever wanted to find Robin in the depths of the college,a cell phone was a must. What I didn't prepare myself for was a smart phone, one that just happened to land in my lap, and I am beginning to realize that it is indeed much smarter than I.

2. Fashion trends. I consciously made the decision to leave my beloved Kootenay gumboots at home when I packed to come to Calgary. And I've become acutely sensitive about that omission in my daily wardrobe, each day when I deliver Isla to school and witness the fashion trends and wardrobe choices of all the other stay at home moms. I silently miss my cutoff gumboots and anything goes wardrobe malfunctions that wouldn't even raise an eyebrow back home. But I'm getting a whole lot of wear out of my skinny jeans and I have acquired a sweet pair of new casual runners that I am totally in love with (I had somehow forgotten how much I love buying new shoes!?!)

3. Mom duties. How is it that I didn't clue in earlier to the fact that when I lived in Calgary, I was not a Mother. It's like a whole new kind of life here in cowtown with kids in tow, and I'm discovering and exploring parts of the city I never knew existed.

This last aspect of the move has probably been my biggest transitional challenge. Juggling pick ups and drop offs and gymnastics and swimming, I haven't quite been able to get to that list of friends and eateries. But I will, I will.

The weather is shifting and the colours are changing dramatically, practically right in front of our eyes. I  am reminded how much I love this time of year in this city. I've got big plans for this month.

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gladventurer said...

Happy to be reading your blog again Eden. Looks like life is very full : enjoy and make the best of everything life in Calgary has to offer.
Today we have a new premier -elect.
Should be an interesting time for Alberta.
Great to speak to Isla and Roscoe when you were in Banff.They are certainly growing up fast.