Thursday, September 8, 2011

Familiar Haunts

Robin started his teaching gig at ACAD (Alberta College of Art & Design) this week, and is getting his bearings on the role of Visiting Artist.

It shouldn't take him long to find his way around the college, seeing that he was a student here not so very long ago. Instead he'll have to get used to the large spacious studio he's been given to work in, overlooking the main studios - a far cry from the 5x5 ft space he was allotted during his undergrad. What'll he do with all that space? More importantly, how fun it'll be to carry all his work up and down those stairs:)


gladventurer said...

Good luck Robin on your instructing adventure over the next eight months.

Adam Field said...

Stop checkin' out all yer own pottery trophies in the case at yer alma mater ;)