Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A day in the Country

Keeping with our weekend warrior theme, we packed up and headed out into the countryside on Sunday. Equipped with snacks, bikes and plenty of warm layers of clothing for the kids - we were set for a day in the country - at a very special piece of property in the foothills of AB.

Robin came equipped with his gloves and work pants, ready to spend the day helping a good friend, John Chalke, work on rebuilding the second chamber of his wood kiln. Our friend Cam Stewart had flown in from the lower mainland earlier in the week to also help with the kiln, so it was a great excuse to get in a visit with him as well.

John and his partner Barb have a magical piece of property, and the kids were stoked to ride their bikes on the leafy trails and go exploring in the aspen woods all afternoon. We enjoyed a campfire cookout and stayed until after sunset and Isla declared it, 'the best day ever'!

Robin will be exhibiting next month alongside John and Barb at The Makings II, a group exhibition of contemporary and historic ceramic works at Willock and Sax gallery in Banff, AB. The first Makings exhibition was so successful that the gallery is hosting a second annual exhibition of works by the artists on November 1 - 30th, with an opening reception Saturday, Nov 5th from 2 p.m. -  5 p.m.

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kmfm said...

great Fall pictures! You guys sure have been up to a lot of adventures! Miss you friend!