Friday, October 15, 2010

The Makings

Sure, I've been loafing around for a month, listening to podcasts and playlists, having my meals made for me and my kids cared for. But what's Robin been up to? Besides taking up permanent residence in his studio cubicle I hear, firing wood and soda kilns simultaneously and applying for student loan money......he's also part of a show in Banff this month at Willock and Sax. Read on.

Willock & Sax gallery in Banff is exhibiting,"The Makings" this month, a group exhibition of ceramic works will feature a changing progession of ceramic artists. The show is an evolution, featuring established senior gallery artists, a selection of innovative mid-career, and emerging individuals.

Ceramic artists will include John Chalke, Barbara Tipton, Bradley Keys, Les Manning, Fran Cuyler, Neil Liske, Ed Bamiling, Sean Kunz, Katrina Chaytor, Priscilla Janes, Aaron Nelson, Jenn Demke, Robin Dupont, and more throughout the month of October. In addition, historic works by Luke Lindoe and Walter Drohan will round out the exhibition.

Reception with artists in attendance, Saturday, October 16, 2-5

Willock & Sax Gallery
211 Bear Street in Banff National Park
Banff, Alberta, Canada

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