Saturday, June 4, 2011

Alberta bound

It's official. The garden is in, our house is fully unpacked, our travel insurance is now expired, Roscoe has stopped asking when we are going 'home' and guess what people, we're moving!?!

Robin has accepted the position of Visiting Artist in the Ceramics dept at Alberta College of Art and Design, which begins this fall in Calgary. Its a very exciting opportunity for him to teach for a year at ACAD, where he completed his undergraduate degree and this life long love affair with clay really all began. The teaching position is a one year gig, where each academic year a different visiting artist is invited to teach and work in the studios with the intention to bring new energy and ideas to the program.

A sweet gig, indeed. And an awesome opportunity to catch up with so many folks and friends we haven't had much of the chance to since we left cowtown 7 years ago. We've been slightly busy, building a house, and a kiln, making babies, running a gallery, moving to Utah, doing grad school, moving back from Utah. So now, a whole year ahead to find reason to reconnect with some fantastic folk, hang with family, get a little city fix and search for the urban cowgirl within me once again.

Being that it is a one year position, I'm not really looking at it as a move, but rather an extended stay at Nana-camp! Our little piece of mountain-heaven isn't going anywhere.....we'll be back.


Julie MacMillan said...

Wow life does not mellow out for you folk does it! Kuddos to Robin for getting the position. very exciting stuff! I tried to jingle you the other day but with no luck. I'll try again soon! Love Julie

Valerie said...

When are you moving to Calgary? Might be down that way in August and would love to see you.

bfree clay said...

congrats to rob and the rest of the fam. i hope you guys enjoy another "vacation" away from home.