Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ol' Macdonald fixed my tractor


Can't stop humming the tune now that the oversized lawn ornament is up and running. I should have known all we needed was a farmer to solve the dilemma of whether our old Ford 8N tractor would ever run again. And now she does.

I can't thank Sam enough for his time and perseverance in trouble shooting the piece of machinery that has caused us much regret since we bought it several years ago. The tractor we thought would ease our snow removal woes came with a front end loader - perfect for moving massive amounts of weight around (what more could a potter ask for?) But perfect it did not turn out to be. Rather, it wasn't suitable to our narrow property and needed an owner who was more mechanically minded to tinker with it every so often. So inevitably it stopped running and has sat idle long enough to make us whinge with regret at having invested in it.

But now faced with the need to get it out of the way to make room for even bigger machinery to put to work on the property, Sam came to the rescue so we didn't have to rent a flatbed to carry her out. Here's a picture of Sam making good use of a fine piece of Jim Etzkorn's pottery to test the fuel lines!

So, anybody want to buy a tractor???


gladventurer said...

Pottery to the rescue.
Jim must be very moved to see his creation put to such creative use.
Eden you pout a lovely smile on Sam.s face when he read your blog tonight.

gladventurer said...

.....that should read put not pout in my comment

Bernadine Koster said...

All thanks to your good friend Sam, your tractor is running again! Had there been any problems since then? At times, it is good to salvage old things, and the good thing is finding out that it is still working. But when it is beyond redemption, it would be best to buy a new one. :-) [Bernadine Koster]