Tuesday, May 3, 2011

On top of Poo Pile

I inadvertently ordered what turned out to be a large ol' pile of poo for my garden. Composted manure, HA! More like a heap of horse apples, at a closer glance.

Oh well, it'll hopefully prove itself in a year or two, and perhaps even produce a squash or two this growing season.
At the very least my mistake entertained the kidlets for several hours as a jumping platform.


gladventurer said...

And I am happy to announce that Eden single handedshoveled that pile of ____ all by herself. Today and lovely pile of top soil arrived.I am sure she will enjoy distributing this soil with more enthusiasm. Great work Eden.

Julie MacMillan said...

Thats hilarious there cus! Mom always mixes horse poo into the garden and she has gorgeous soil....you'll be growing trees for tomato plants! LOL