Monday, March 21, 2011

'Tis Muddy season

Happy Spring! Tis' the muddiest of seasons, so what better time to get that drywall up in the studio and start mudding. It's a messy job, but somebody has to do it. I am just thanking my stars that it is not me!

I can't believe though how the space feels different already. It could be that the studio - tucked away under our house (and unbeknownst to the casual onlooker as it makes up the walkout basement of our place and faces downhill), has never been quite this empty before. So that alone makes it feel eerily strange.

Only now the endless buckets, the wedging table, the pugmill, the mixer, the slab roller, the ware racks, the wheel, the photo booth, the boxes upon boxes of saleable pots, the bisqueware, the random bags of this and that, the broken bits of potentially useful tools and equipment, the shards and cracked pieces (often referred to as reference pieces)....It all sits outside the studio waiting patiently for its residence to take on a finished appearance at long last.

No more poly stapled insulated walls, no more random wires hanging out from behind stark looking two by fours. I wonder how long it'll take for all those tubes of ceramics posters to get unearthed.


gladventurer said...

Looking forward to seeing the "new studio" at Easter time.
Great job Robin..... a man of many talents.

The Unknown Potter said...

heh there- I was looking at a blog "euancraig.blogspot" and I think you would find it interesting. It is from Mashiko japan where so much seeds of inspiraton have come from, Robin would also find it interesting I am sure.
hope you are allwell

The Potter's Wife said...

Thanks Daniel, I've been following Euan's blog as well, an amazing story, truly. Take care.