Friday, March 18, 2011

Plenty o' projects

Neither green, nor a true shamrock, but our intention was well meaning when Isla and I whipped up a batch of soft ginger cookies this week and decorated them in honour of St. Paddy's Day. I had entirely forgotten about this little ceramic decorating tool that I had stowed away in a tin box with some other treasures from my own youth.

It was Isla that discovered it and easily enough persuaded her mother to whip up a batch of cookies. It would likely have been another cake, to celebrate cousin Fraser's birthday, but the cake will have to wait until they return from their spring break vacation on the coast. We've been busy doing a lot of baking these days besides other activities since Isla has been on Spring Break, including trips to the pool and the rink.

Not to mention the studio is now boarded and ready for mudding!

1 comment:

gladventurer said...

That wee cookie press came from Grandma Lady's kitchen.
As soon as your picture popped up I said "that's mine"! Amazing little treasures show up in amazing places. Glad it is still in the family. Enjoy the cookies.