Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My plate is full

These days it feels like I have very little time to do anything other than, get through the day. Trying to figure out this so-called real life is tough, I tell ya! I think we've moved on from the ecstatic homecoming and blissful reentry into the motherland stage, to the next stage....ummmm?

Robin and I have been dancing around one another's schedules, juggling work commitments, job applications, grant proposals, childcare, meal prep and more. And on top of that, we've decidedly taken on some home improvement projects!

This past week held a very full and busy schedule of events, beginning and ending with a tile backsplash feature that our dear friend Cam (who we are so grateful to for taking care of our home the last two and a half years) offered up some tile and his masonry expertise. Cam made our home his home while we were away, and invested time and love into many projects around the place. He is now headed to the coast on a new life adventure and we wish him the very best of luck, and we'll be forever reminded of his caretaker presence in some of the projects he initiated while living here, backsplash included.

This week's project....drywalling the studio.