Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gold Medal Man

I can't think of anything more Canadian than a good ol' outdoor hockey game. One of our local eateries in the nearest town to us in the valley boasts one of the best outdoor rinks around. And with a cold spell underway at the moment, skating seems to be the activity of choice these days.

We stopped by the cafe the other day to check in on Robin's mug shelf, which has proved to be a great show of local support for his work all the while we were away, and found out about this weekend's Hockey Day in Winlaw event.

Robin laced up his ska
tes this morning and hit the ice with a whole crew of locals for a round robin style tournament, and wouldn't you know.....came home with the gold medal!

The kids and I had ourselves our own gold medal day and turned out four stunning loaves of bread from a new recipe I'd been wanting to try. Thanks Sue!


bfree clay said...

dude. robin never smiles in pictures. he's such a bad ass. ha!

gladventurer said...

Hockey and snow sound so far away here in Playa del Hermosa ,Costa Rica, however we send our congrats to all 'gold winners'. Being a bread connisseour (sp) Sam says your loaves look yummy.