Thursday, February 3, 2011

Our Icy Return

Brrrr! What was I thinking moving in the middle of the winter? Check out our license plate caked in a thick layer of ice, the day we hit the border crossing! It certainly was an icy return, but smooth sailing with customs and a busy couple of weeks of unpacking and organizing to follow.

Somehow I failed to remember that we left our place practically fully furnished and now the challenge becomes, where to put all the stuff we brought back. Each day we get a little farther with unpacking, but we've been sure to take some time to enjoy just being in our home again and reconnecting with our community here.

Brave little Isla jumped right into Kindergarten and is finding her place amongst both new friends and old.
Roscoe is thrilled to hang out with his dad everyday, finding new things to get into and new places to explore around the property, like the brickyard.

I wouldn't say that we are settled just yet, in fact there will be much to do and determine over the next coming months is my guess. But it does sure feel great to be home. We're reorienting ourselves with 'country living', but are reminded each day why we chose to build our little paradise on the mountainside. It has been so great to walk out the door and hike up the mountain, sit and watch the big fat flakes load up on the branches of surrounding trees and to revisit the quiet here.


LOVEDMUM said...

Welcome home!!

aprilanne said...

We miss you guys! Louis has told me he misses Robin's company in the studio. Glad to see you guys made it home safely!

kmfm said...

wow...that is crazy ice.
cute house.
cute kindergartener.
cute little potter assistant.
and two cute friends!
We miss you and your little yellow kitchen!

kmfm said...