Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Not without a trace

Well it has been quite a journey, and we're not even home yet! We're stuck in a hotel room, only a few hours from the border, having had the common sense to take an extra day on the road due to freezing rain and vehicle repairs.

Despite the chaotic and gruelling task of packing the house and studio and cramming it all (almost) into our trailer and three vehicles, the last couple days of travel have actually been a blessing. Having no choice but to sit still in a vehicle for several hours has given me the time to exhale and actually reflect a little on what just happened.

Robin's MFA exhibition was amazing. The work spoke for itself of his focus and perseverance these last two and a half years to grow as an artist and get the most out of his graduate school opportunity. But it was the overwhelming show of support and willingness to help pull it all together that really made the show a success.

Endless hours it seemed, were volunteered by fellow graduate students, friends and family. A special thank you is in order for our pal Adam Field and Robin's brother Jai, who stayed up into the wee hours building shelves, grinding pots and making several trips to the hardware store.And then of course there was the unconditional help from both mothers. My mom and Robin's offered their invaluable 'grandma' assistance to free me up to help Robin in whatever way I could.

Another incredible show of support was made by all the people that came and travelled from far just for the opening reception. The Monday night event and after party were tremendously fun and well attended. Almost too much fun, considering the way I felt the next morning when I had to get out of bed and was faced with all the packing and cleaning yet to do.

The remainder of the week was full on, but with plenty of occasions to put down the packing tape and share a beverage or two with friends. We even managed to fit in an afternoon to go skiing at Beaver Mountain somehow!?!

Monday was departure day and our intention was to leave quietly before the sun came up, but instead it became a full day affair and driveway party with our dearest friends chipping in to feed us, help occupy the kids, and strategize about how the heck we would ever fit everything in. And of course we didn't fit it all in, some things had to be donated, thrown out or left behind in Logan. I think in particular, we've left a little bit of our hearts in Utah. We'll dearly miss all the people that made this graduate school adventure one to cherish.

We may have left Logan, but not without a trace!
xo the duponts

Sunday, January 9, 2011


We've arrived! The end of the road, the final destination, the light at the end of the tunnel, the MFA exhibition. The work has been selected, the shelves have been hung, the pots labelled and the food prepared. Tomorrow night we'll open the gallery doors and welcome our friends, family and the public to garner their own opinion of what Robin has been working on the last three years. But more importantly to celebrate with us, his hard work and chosen focus.

Trace, is the name of the show. It represents an investigation of the mark making potential of soda firing. The process involves both consideration of form as well as the spaces left between the forms during the loading. These two specific aspects determine the flame path, thus resulting in a record of flame patterns, or otherwise a sign or mark or other indication of something having existed. So we invite all curious folks, to come out to the opening to see just what went on during the countless soda firings Robin tended to this semester.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


One of my favourite parts about the week between Christmas and New years is the radio programming: the recaps, countdowns, top ten lists and best ofs. And then New Year's Day arrives and the switch is made to what's new, forecasts and predictions. It's always fun to hear how 'society at large' perceived the past year and compare notes to my own ideas of what was important or not. It is a interesting time of simultaneous reflection and looking ahead.

I can't help but extend the timelines slightly. What an experience we have embarked upon these last 2.5 years, and I am dumbfounded that it is now nearing to a close! How did it go by so fast?I suppose looking back at previous posts, we did pack in quite a bit between Aug 2008 and Jan 2011. It just feels as though it were just last month I was unpacking boxes and filling drawers, and now the reverse needs to happen, soon!

Robin is loading the soda kiln today for his final firing, I am sorting through cupboards and filling boxes to be donated. Family and friends will begin to arrive this weekend to be here for Robin's final exhibition opening on Monday Jan 10th. Our little family is at last healthy and growing expectant of the weeks to come. There will be plenty to pack, plenty to clean and plenty to celebrate.

First thing first, get rid of the tree.....