Tuesday, January 4, 2011


One of my favourite parts about the week between Christmas and New years is the radio programming: the recaps, countdowns, top ten lists and best ofs. And then New Year's Day arrives and the switch is made to what's new, forecasts and predictions. It's always fun to hear how 'society at large' perceived the past year and compare notes to my own ideas of what was important or not. It is a interesting time of simultaneous reflection and looking ahead.

I can't help but extend the timelines slightly. What an experience we have embarked upon these last 2.5 years, and I am dumbfounded that it is now nearing to a close! How did it go by so fast?I suppose looking back at previous posts, we did pack in quite a bit between Aug 2008 and Jan 2011. It just feels as though it were just last month I was unpacking boxes and filling drawers, and now the reverse needs to happen, soon!

Robin is loading the soda kiln today for his final firing, I am sorting through cupboards and filling boxes to be donated. Family and friends will begin to arrive this weekend to be here for Robin's final exhibition opening on Monday Jan 10th. Our little family is at last healthy and growing expectant of the weeks to come. There will be plenty to pack, plenty to clean and plenty to celebrate.

First thing first, get rid of the tree.....

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gladventurer said...

Don't forget to leave some packing for Grandma Lady! See you soon.