Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Home at last. I exhaled a giant sigh of relief on Sunday afternoon when we arrived back in Logan after our 6 week absence. Robin was home making pasta for Sunday supper and greeted us with open arms and a noticeably clean house. It didn't take long before the kids hauled out all their toys, the laundry piles were sorted and the kitchen smelled like home. It feels good, really good to be home and looking ahead.


carole epp said...

nice to hear you guys are all together again.

Julie MacMillan said...

WHEW is right! I can't even imagine your level of enjoyment to have the family unit all back together again! So nice. I can't believe I never got back on the phone with you while you were still recouping. that time seemed to fly by. But nevertheless it was fantastic to see you and your kidlets even if it was short and sweet while you were mending those eyeballs in Golden! Cheers Dears Julie

kmfm said...

glad your are back friend!