Thursday, April 15, 2010

A subtle sway

It was by no means on the magnitude of some of this year's earlier earthquakes that have been occurring around the world, but Utah received its own shaker, at 4.9 on the scale this evening around supper time. It is the largest earthquake to hit Utah since one in 1992 in southwestern Utah, this one happened right in our backyard. Randolph, a little town on the Wyoming-Utah border is about 70 miles from Logan, and where the earthquake hit. Apparently big enough to make world news, I received a call from my mom wondering if all was okay without me even having realized we'd had one. Her call did remind me though that around that time I'd been leaning up against an interior door frame in our house and suddenly felt my body sway involuntarily, but had chalked it up to the lack of sleep I've been getting the last few nights with two little sickies at home.  Tomorrow we're staying home and concentrating on getting better and waiting for the aftershocks. 


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Julie MacMillan said...

I love the...leaning up against the door part! I wonder how many other moms did the same....Your poor kiddlets and poor you. Recoup time forsure! Yikearoos