Sunday, April 11, 2010

And Sew On...

Well the week seemed to fly by, with me feeling miserable for most of it and taking full advantage of my mom's presence to help out with the kids. She likely didn't think that her offer to come out and take care of Isla and Roscoe while we went to Philadelphia would include taking care of her own daughter for the week following! But I was sure glad she did, everyone needs their mom once in a while, right? 

Between naps and early bedtimes, we did manage to fit in a couple sewing projects. I altered a pair of Isla's jeans into shorts for the warmer weather while my mom became especially productive with a sewing machine nearby. She made several trips to the fabric store and pumped out more than a couple fun quilt starts, tablecloths and cloth napkins. Her generosity extended to gifting me with a new serger machine! Something I have always wanted, but now that I have one realize I have no clue how to operate. Thankfully, a friend here in Logan is quite skilled with the curious beast that it is and has offered to give me a few lessons. First step - threading it!

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The Unknown Potter said...

heh wow -you lucky woman!!!
am a secret sewing enthusiast...I seldom get to it but I so admire those that do. yesterdaty I was looking for fabric for some shelf-fronting inthe dining room, and thinking of my sons speed skating suit maybe for next year..possible quilts with the wool I am carding..ahhh too little time ( and energy!) but you are inspiring, keep it up- good lick threading.!