Sunday, February 28, 2010

Man's best friend

A couple of old faithful friends came to visit this week. Our very good pal Cam Stewart (also the much appreciated caretaker of our home back in Canada), decided to take our much beloved pooch on a road trip south. Cam and Macaudo arrived late Tuesday evening with a truck full of bisqued pots with plans to do a soda firing while he was here, and the trip was also an opportunity for Cam to meet the USU folks and check out the facilities down here.

Cam spent a good chunk of time at the school with Robin, met all the other grad students and faculty and even had a chance to show some of his slides to the group. We hosted a potluck on Friday night at our place and Saturday the guys unloaded the kiln in time for Cam to head north again early this morning. They got some pretty good results out of the kiln and Robin is raring to turn around and do another one as soon as he can get some more work made. 
It was sure great to see and visit with Cam and a real treat to spend some time with Mac. Mac is getting up there in his years, (turns 10 next week), and Cam has him looking really slick and healthy these days.  We're lucky to still have him kicking around, and even more lucky to have a great friend like Cam. 


gladventurer said...

How nice to see Macaudo

The Unknown Potter said...

those look like very beautiful bowls- were they Robins or Cams or collaborations I wonder...