Friday, February 26, 2010

Get er' done

We've been getting a dose of winter weather this past week. Which has been a good motivator for me to finish the sweater that I was making for Isla. With spring right around the corner I didn't want the project to get left undone. And seeing that I picked a pattern with a cropped style, she likely won't be wearing it next winter, all the more reason to get it done for what is remaining of this one. 

I made a few modifications to the pattern which worked out in the end, and the result is a two toned purple pullover, with a cable and ribbed feature along the cuffs and bottom, and a happy preschooler.


gladventurer said...

Great job Eden, and loved the model too!

whiletangerinedreams said...

Nice work, Mama! She looks so happy in it ;)

twohig's said...

You are awesome! She looks so cute in it!s