Monday, November 30, 2009

Watching the weather network again

Today I found myself making idle chit chat with someone I barely know in the grocery store and was going on about the unseasonably warm weather we've been having and how unusual it seems, blah blah blah - (like I'm one to comment, I've only lived here a year). So I did a little research back in time and read some of the posts I'd written last November, just curious to see exactly what the snow accumulation for November 08' had amounted to..........zilch!

In fact, my 08' entry could practically be my 09' entry: Doing lots of knitting, unseasonably warm weather, busyness of semester end etc. This week Robin is finishing up at school, getting ready for his final critique on Monday while the kids and I are packing and preparing for a trip. The only difference is this year we are taking the dada with us, and we're heading south not north. 

Despite all of us feeling a tad under the weather the last couple days with sniffly noses, we can hardly contain our excitement about spending 10 days in sunny Mexico this December. My mom has spent the previous 4 winters in Mazatlan and finally the timing has worked out for us the check out the surf and sun, and witness how real snowbirds live. Between having babies and applying for grad school and moving to the States, our opportunity for a winter holiday was slim. Next year Robin will be in full thesis mode - so we figured this year was our best chance to make it happen. 

And it will be well worth the wait, we're all looking forward to some family time with no distractions beyond the poolside. I've got the weather network bookmarked, and it's not for checking the weather round these parts. 


gladventurer said...

Yes , we too are looking forward to having the DuPonts share some of the Mazatlan sea and sun next week!

gladventurer said...

Yes we too are looking forward to sharing Mazatlan's sea and sun with the DuPonts next week.

Designer, Seamstress & Gardener said...

take me, take me, take me!!!