Saturday, November 21, 2009

Success rate

With woodfiring, it is often a given that some pots don't always make it through the rigorous process of firing at such high temperatures. Some pots crack, others become warped or come out with their parts fused together. Most woodfirers consider this loss just a part of the process, that there will be both success and failure with every firing.  They also keep this in mind during both the loading and unloading of these wood kilns, as some areas of the kiln are more prone to potential disasters. But, as with many things in life, the greater the risk - the greater the gain. And those potential disaster zones can also produce some of the most beautiful pots. 

With this last firing, everyone was happy with the high success rate, and to uncover some gems from those risky sweet spots. 

Much like the gamble of firing with wood, the same goes for entering pots into juried exhibitions and shows - sometimes you get in, sometimes you don't.  Along with unloading a fantastic firing this week, Robin also received an email about the 2010 NCECA National Student Juried Exhibition he entered awhile back. And he was accepted! 41 works were selected from across the country, and Robin's teapot is one of 22 graduate pieces that will be exhibited in Philadelphia at the annual NCECA conference next April. Congrats dada, we're so proud of you. 


gladventurer said...

glad to be here an join in on the celebrations

Schmoo and Beans Mom said...

Is Robin smiling in that picture?

Way to go Uncle Ra-Ra.